Quality food

Husse dog and cat foods are made of ultra-premium, fully traceable, ethically sourced and GMO free ingredients.  Our factories have been approved by EU authorities, USDA, FDA and AAFCO to give our customers peace of mind that only highly professional people and equipment are involved in our process.

Your trained Husse franchisee can give you insight to:


  • nutritional analysis
  • added nutrients
  • metabolized energy
  • digestibility
  • other valuable product information.  

Research in our Pet Research Center is animal friendly and unharmful food research. The only purpose is to improve the cat and dog food. Not harmful means, so that our animals never suffer because of medical or surgical procedures. The research is limited to the registration of food consumption, judgments from excrements etc. The animal experiments are strictly regulated by recent laws. Taking in consideration these laws, research as it is performed in our research center is not even considered as animal experimentation.